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Pedag Viva Winter 35


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 High Tech Comfortable Cold Protection
    1. Three Layers of Serious Insulation:
     * Pure wool provides cozy warmth and absorbs excess moisture
     * A middle layer of thousands of air bubbles encapsulated inside high-tech foam trap warmth from your body and adds to the thermal cold shield
     *A special aluminum reflector insulates and protects against cold from below
    2. Features a semi-rigid longitudinal arch and plantar vault, a built-in orthopedic insert for the latitudinal arch (metatarsal) and a substantial heel cushion
    3. Orthopedic design which helps prevent and relieves flatfeet by correctly aligning the foot and taking pressure off the ball and arch of the foot
    4. Heel pad relieves pressure and impact shock on the heel, ankle, knees and spine
    5. Increase endurance by decreasing foot fatigue
    6. Allows the foot to maintain and to regain an anatomically correct position
    7. Recommended for those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis
    8. Breathable natural materials preserves a healthy climate inside the boot or shoe.
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